How to Donate

Imagine that you live in one of the poorest countries on earth. Imagine being an outsider in your own home country because of your race. Imagine you never went to school and street signs, newspapers, and the instructions to the pesticide you’re using in your garden farm are just a swirl of symbols.


It’s hard to write a better future for yourself if you can’t even write your name.
This is the situation facing many stateless Vietnamese people in the Kandal province, Cambodia. Unable to own land, access social services or get their kids into a government school. Without access to government schools Vietnamese children in Kandal haven’t even had school to go to.


Until now.
The Vietnamese Love School was built in partnership between Cambodia’s Church of the True Saviour and Adelaide’s Activate Church to give Cambodia’s stateless Vietnamese children a shot at education. Since 2010, one hundred children have been able to learn up to third grade level.
Education is priceless. But here are some figures:

  • 14 cents per day is all it costs to send a child to school.
  • $20 per month can educate 5 children.
  • $5,000 per year covers all the Vietnamese Love School’s costs – educating all 100 children


If you want to see a world with education for every child, this is your chance.
Donating invests directly into children who deserve the best start possible.
Click the link below to set up your regular donation now.

We suggest donating $20 per month to educate five students and donations start from $5.



And if we raise more than the Love School’s expenses? Over the coming years we want to grow what’s been planted and increase the number of stateless Vietnamese children we’re helping. With community consultation and engagement, local support from Church of the True Saviour, and Activate’s Australian donor partners we have a great opportunity to be an empowering ally to Cambodia’s stateless Vietnamese people.




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